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Who we are

Hope GB is a voluntary support group which provides practical help and encouragement for people affected by autism, in Torfaen and further afield.

We aim to provide access to information and guidance on a range of relevant issues, such as:

  • Understanding what it means to have an autistic spectrum condition
  • Exploring the triad of impairments
  • Structuring the learning environment – particularly during periods of transition
  • Different approaches to managing challenging behaviour
  • Supporting improved communication and social interaction
  • Developing daily living skills for children and young people with ASC

Hope GB is governed by a voluntary board of Trustees with a passion for promoting an awareness of the reality of life with autism.  But first and foremost, we place emphasis on assisting the families and carers of people with autism, in the ways that are right for them.

In our experience, providing this group with a foundation of sound information, guidance and ongoing relational support has a direct and extremely positive effect on the individual with ASC.

We each have strong connections with people who are on the autistic spectrum.  This is a vital factor in helping us shape plans for Hope GB.

We actively support measures which enable early diagnosis and intervention and aim to help build programmes that focus on developing the social, communication and life skills of children and young people with ASC.

We can’t do it alone though.  Hope GB continues to have healthy partnerships with health and education professionals throughout the region.  The Chair of Hope GB co-ordinates the Torfaen Autism Stakeholder Group, so has input on the delivery of the regional autism strategy.  We aim to represent the people we serve – but do so in a constructive and very natural way.