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We’re building up a range of relational support services to encourage those affected to lead informed, productive lives, which will positively impact children and young people with autism.

Our services for people affected by autism include:

• Facilitating a regular voluntary support group for local parents and carers

• Advocacy and advice for people seeking extra educational support for children with autism

• Collaboration with partner organisations to represent the needs of people with autism

• Co-ordinating training and development to raise awareness of autism, its impact and related care issues

• Organising fun, creative opportunities for children and young people with autism and their families

This is all provided within a welcoming environment, alongside people directly affected by autism, or with a genuine interest in autistic spectrum disorders.

If you or someone you know is affected by autism, and would like some support, we may be able to help.

Please get in touch to find out more:

Email:                    hellohopegb@gmail.com

Tel:                         0759 5455 067