As we approach World Autism Awareness Day we wanted to do something that would recognise the excellent work happening locally in the field of Autism. Something that would celebrate the achievements of those with a diagnosis of autism and the people who work to support them. Those individuals who “go the extra mile” making a difference to everyday life and enabling autistic people to reach their potential. All nominees must either live or work in Torfaen.

The 4 Categories are as follows:

The People’s Champion

Do you know a Parent, Carer, Grandparent, Family friend, someone who goes above and beyond to support, care or advocate for someone with autism? It may be for a child or an adult but in this category, we would like to receive nominations to recognise caregivers, those working hard in the background whose efforts and time may often go unrecognised by others but you have noticed and would like them to be acknowledged for the excellent job they do!

This award is in loving memory of Steven & Anne Dyke much loved Uncle and Grandmother of Twins Reagan & Hope


The Autism Professional

Throughout a person’s diagnosis journey they, the family meet lots of different professionals be it in Health (GP/Paediatrician/Dentist/Nurse/Health Visitor), Education (Nursery Nurse/Teacher/LSA/Senco/EP/ASD Officer) , Social Care, The Third Sector/Voluntary Sector, Respite Providers etc.. In this category we would like you to nominate an autism professional, someone who has made a difference to you or the person you care for. They have been available, made time for you, helped the process and you would like to officially recognise their efforts.


Lilian’s Legacy – The Outstanding Contribution Award

Lilian was a much loved Great-Grandparent and champion to Tasha, her Great-Grandaughter who has autism. In her memory, this award is to recognise the achievements of an autistic person. You can nominate a child or adult in this category. They must have an official diagnosis of autism. Just as every individual is different with unique interests, talents and abilities this award recognises and will reflect what achievement this person has obtained, what goal they have reached. The “something” they have done or can now do that may have seemed unlikely or unreachable but has been accomplished and you would like to share this significance with us!


Voting closes at midnight on Friday 1st May 2020
The awards will be announced at this year’s Autism Pride Festival which is being held on Saturday 20th June 2020 those nominated and shortlisted will be contacted in advance and invited to attend the event.

Award Nomination Form

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Danny’s Award

Danny was a much-loved Grandparent to Jacob who has Autism. In his memory, this award is to recognise an act of kindness by a young person (under the age of 18) who has an official diagnosis of Autism. This will be the fourth time this award has been presented. Previously we have presented it at our Christmas Party but this year we are bringing it in line with this annual event. It is very special to us because it is the first award category we created. It was very sad for the family when they lost Danny, they were very generous to us at Hope GB and donated monies to us. Since then the family have regularly been involved in fundraising. On creating this award we wanted it to be meaningful and asked what Danny was known for and it was his kindness. So if you know a young person who has done an incredible act of kindness as a one-off or is regularly doing kind acts please nominate them!

In each of these categories, we would like you to complete a nomination form with your details and those of the person you are nominating. This year we are also welcoming paper nominations which can be returned to our office at Hope GB, Griffithstown Baptist Church, Commercial Street, Griffithstown, Pontypool NP4 5JF, any of our events or youth club.

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